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Property Management Specialists, Ltd. of Illinois is a Boutique Property Management Company. We manage Community Associations.

We are Boutique Property Management Company so we are able to adjust our services to meet the needs of your association. While we can adapt our services to meet the needs of your association, we do have standards that are non-negotiable.We want to make all the associations we manage the best they can be. It’s about the quality of life the association is able to bring to the homeowners.

We are a Management Company that cares about people and works hard to make our slice of the world a better place to live in. That's Property Management Specialists, Ltd.

Pmgrs is a nickname for Property Management Specialists, Ltd. We added a few letters to our company initials and came up with pmgrs. We took our nick name and developed the following web addresses pmgrs.com and p-mgrs.com to make it easier for homeowners to find our website to pay their assessments online. If you type in pmgrs.com  or p-mgrs.com  it will bring you to our home page.



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