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Pmgrs is a nickname for Property Management Specialists, Ltd. We added a few letters to our company initials and came up with pmgrs. We took our nick name and developed the following web addresses Pmgrs.com and P-mgrs.com to make it easier for homeowners to find our website. If you type in or click on www.pmgrs.com  or www.p-mgrs.com  it will bring you to our home page.

We did this because www.propertymanagementspecialists.com is a long web address to type and remember. You know some people will make a spelling mistake or a typo with a web address like www.propertymanagementspecialists.com. Pmgrs is short and easy to remember. Shortening our web address is one of the ways we have made our slice of the world a better place to live in and provide homeowners with excellent property management services.


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